Tips and Guides for Getting More Complete Identity Theft Protection

Having your identity stolen can destroy all your plans for the future because you don’t know when everything is going to be cleared up.

It could take you a few grueling months to clear things up, or it could take you some long painful years.

Because of this uncertainty, everything related to finances gets put on hold.

You might have to put off family vacations, alter your plans to buy a car, or change your timeline for buying a house. It might also leave you with less money to put away for the kid’s education.

But there are plenty of things you can do to protect yourself against this destructive crime and avoid having to face those dire circumstances.

That’s what the tips and guides on this page show you.

They give you all the information you need to protect yourself against identity fraud and get the most complete protection you can possibly get.

What to Do After Identity Theft Happens to You

Many people start searching for protection after they become a victim. 

Unfortunately, many don’t know where to start or they get advice from someone who doesn’t really know the correct steps to take.

That could lead to a financial catastrophe. And it can end up victimizing you a second time. If you’re already a victim of theft and are wondering what you should do now, this is the guide for you.

Learn what protective measures you need to take starting from this moment on. 

Then learn how to start reversing any damage that was done and start getting your life in order again. 

You’ll even see how to get the reliable identity theft protection you need to safeguard your future. 

Nothing is left out in this guide and nothing is left to chance.

Read our guide to dealing with id theft after it has already happened.

Smart Ways to Help Prevent Identity Theft

Logically, you would like to avoid identity theft completely. 

But identity theft is a crime of opportunity and it can happen to anyone.

There’s no sure way to get 100% protection. However, there are plenty of things you can do to avoid falling prey to identity thieves.

Your best defense is to take preventative measures.

Our guide covers all the measures you should be taking to keep the crooks out of your life and out of your bank account.

With all of the gadgets and technology out there, it is most often not a matter of if you will be targeted, but when.

Read our guide and be prepared for when thieves make an attempt at stealing your personal info. By implementing these tips, you’ll drastically reduce your chances of having your ID stolen. 

Is Identity Theft Insurance Worth It for You?

By now, you already know that becoming a victim of identity theft is stressful and can take hours of your time to fix the damage created.

Making matters worse is the fact that many people mistakenly believe identity theft insurance is the exact same thing as ID protection.

But that’s not true.

Getting these two mixed up could cost you a small fortune, as well as some very big headaches. So here’s the main difference between the two…

Insurance helps pay for some of your costs only after your identity has been stolen, while protection actively protects you every month.

There are other differences too.

In this guide, we show you what these differences are. 

You’ll also learn what is covered by insurance, what your costs will be and the different types of insurance providers. Everything is explained in laymen’s terms, making it easy for anyone to understand. 

Protecting Your Kids Against ID Theft

Regrettably, kids are also a target of identity thieves.

Your child’s phone number, email address and social security number are not as private as you may think.

And once this information is stolen, it often gets bought, sold, and traded on the internet to scammers and crooks.

Criminals will often send out thousands of emails pretending to be a legitimate entity.

Once your child clicks on the link, either a virus will be installed on their computer or they will be sent to a form that asks them to plug in their personal information.

The criminals will then have their personal information and can use it to steal their identity before they are even old enough to borrow money or apply for a credit card.

It’s not hard to do. And this is just one way they try to steal children’s identities. 

Our in-depth guide shows you how to help prevent child ID theft as best as possible… with the most powerful strategies available.

How to Thwart Medical Identity Theft

Traditional mail theft is still a problem that plagues people to this day, and it’s still an easy way for criminals to steal your financial information as well as your medical records.

Another way crooks can steal your medical records is by hacking into the computer systems of doctors and hospitals. That is something you don’t have much control over.

But a third way your medical records can be compromised is by an employee working within your doctor’s office.

This is something you do have some control over.

If you’ve been with the same doctor for years and someone there asks you for your social security number, ask why.

To get more tips for keeping your records safe and secure, read this guide and tutorial. Detecting this crime early will limit the level of damage that can be caused by the thief.

More Useful Resources

There are plenty of useful websites and resources to help you fight theft online and offline.

If you didn’t find what you were looking for on our site, here’s a few sites that are also very helpful: The Federal Trade Commission has a great section on their site dedicated to identity theft. An official government agency website that provides great information about protecting your personal info.