ID Watchdog Review

This Id Watchdog review shows you the pros and cons of using their services to protect your identity.

You don’t win eight industry awards without being good at what you do and being good at what you do means having a solid mission …and accomplishing your goal.

ID Watchdog set out to provide award-winning services at affordable prices – and they did just that.

This review shows you not only what they can do for you, but also what they stand for…

What is ID Watchdog’s Mission?

Data is big business, and ID Watchdog’s aim is to secure your data from all manner of adverse organizations. 

But their mission covers so much more than that.

Here’s a quick summary of how they protect all of their clients and keep their information and financial details better protected.

With years of collaborating with law enforcement leaders, judicial representatives, banking, credit, and information privacy, they have provided protection and resolution services to thousands of individuals and companies nationwide.

How Id Watchdog Protects You

How will they protect you if you sign up with them?

By looking deep into data – Drawing from the billions of daily data points out there to watch for signs of activity regarding your personal and financial data. Everything is tracked on your behalf.

By pinpointing signs of activity and potential fraud – Guarding against unusual transactions on your accounts, your credit reports and use of your identity.

They help resolve problems as soon as possible – Fast and decisive action to secure your data and identity, and fast communication to keep you in touch with the status of your data – when you need it.

How does this translate to helping you stay safe and keeping your data secure?

Here’s what ID Watchdog’s deep monitoring services provide…

With ID Watchdog You Get:

Credit Monitoring – you receive credit monitoring from one or all three nationwide credit bureaus (Equifax®, TransUnion®, Experian®), and they have plans that suit your situation.

Advanced Identity Monitoring – they have access to and can watch billions of public records, licenses, and certifications to search for signs of potential identity theft. If something unusual happens, the company will know about it and can act swiftly to report and action.

Dark Web Monitoring – deep access to the dark web to keep your data safe from chat rooms, and other forums that are known for trafficking stolen personal and financial information.

Case Management and Resolution – Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialists (CITRMS®) fully manage your case until it is resolved. You simply can’t get better protection for your data.

ID Watchdog Bring Experts to Your Data

So what happens if an instance occurs where your financial information, personal data or ID are flagged for unusual activity?

At any point or event in which your identity is ever threatened with theft or even stolen, or an adverse activity is found that needs further investigation, ID Watchdog’s Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialists (CITRMS®) are there to fully manage your case until it is resolved.

And by resolved they mean restored back to its original status.

They Cover Everyone

Any individual, any industry, specialist healthcare cover, and third party coverage for the insurance and finance industries.

Along with a service you can extend to your employees too. So why not take advantage of providing employee benefits that help safeguard your staff.

  • Individuals
  • Employee benefits
  • Insurance partners
  • Private healthcare exchanges

What They Cover and Protect

With an ever-improving high tech platform that can monitor billions of data points globally, ID Watchdog has a wealth of tools at their (and your) disposal – and which are regularly updated with the latest anti-fraud metrics and measurements.

So here’s a brief summary of what they cover.

Basic Identity Monitoring – Access to billions of public records, licenses, and certifications that we scour by the hour, to search for any signs of potential theft of your identity.

Advanced Identity Monitoring – Thieves can potentially reroute your mail to a different address, ID Watchdog can detect identity theft even sooner by monitoring the USPS National Change of Address Registry. They can watch for early signs of fraud by monitoring subprime loans, to detect loan applications presented in your name.

Dark Web Monitoring – The dark web is a hive for chat rooms and forums actively trafficking stolen personal data. IDWatchdog scan websites, chat rooms, and other known sources to watch for stolen personal and financial information.

Customizable Alerts – Multiple channels to obtain real-time alerts or activity reports. They will alert you of changes in any detected activity associated with your credit, your identity, and your finances, in fact, any use of your personal information. Get alerts via email, or opt into their a phone call, or text message features, or best of all, download the App so you can be in constant contact with your data usage.

Fully Managed Resolution – They’ll fully manage any event that occurs while you’re enrolled in any of their plans, their Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialists (CITRMS®) fully manage your case and stick with it until it is resolved.

Credit Monitoring Services – Credit monitoring from all three of the large nationwide credit bureaus (Equifax®, TransUnion®, and Experian®) with the Platinum plan and one nationwide credit bureau with the Plus plan.

National Provider Identifier (NPI) Alerts – For healthcare professionals, they monitor National Provider ID’s (NPI) for any activity that could indicate potential fraud.

How Much Does All This Protection Cost?

It’s not expensive to insure your data against theft, the cost of not doing so could potentially be far higher, and create an enormous amount of stress.

The ID Watchdog plans start at just $14.95 per month. There’s no hidden contract either as their plan is flexible. Or take advantage of the $19.95 per month option to get the Platinum plan, so you can recieve your 3-bureau credit scores and credit report.

Don’t let your data get used without you knowing about it.

What are the Cons of Using IDWatchdog

Although the company has a pretty good user-rating, there are some issues we think are worth noting. We’ll highlight those here to help you decide if it is the best credit and ID monitoring company.

They’re owned by Equifax.

The company has been in business since 2005, however, in 2017, it was acquired by current parent-company Equifax.

This purchase was made after the major 2017 data breach that Equifax was involved in. Something for you to take note of if you’re considering purchasing services through the company.

What’s funny is that for the basic plan, you’re only getting credit monitoring from TransUnion (Equifax’s competitor).

If you wish to receive monitoring from all three bureaus, you’ll have to pay for the platinum plan. Whether there’s a conflict of interest remains to be seen. However, it’s worth noting that the company is owned by one of the three credit monitoring bureaus.

Social Media Monitoring Isn’t Available

For consumer plans, social media monitoring isn’t available.

This is a major concern for issues like…

  1. Cyberbullying – kids sharing online information
  2. Hackers trying to gain access to PII online
  3. Children being an easy target for hackers on these platforms 

Today, we share everything on social media.

A hacker can easily capture your information or that of your family on these platforms.

It’s a major concern for families who have kids, or even those who don’t and use social media, that the company doesn’t offer social media monitoring.

Is IDWatchdog for You?

The company has a good reputation and has been in business since 2005.

They also have an A+ rating with the BBB. Of primary concern is the fact that it’s owned by Equifax and some basic services are missing, that you’d get with their competitors.

It’s an okay company, but competitors are offering more for similar prices.

So, before making a decision, do your shopping.

Benefits & Features

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