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Identity Force Review

This Identity Force review shows you why they are a top-rated company with so many ID theft protection experts.

Protecting your identity without breaking the bank requires you to get all the protection you need… at affordable prices.

That’s exactly what Identity Force gives you.

You get great monitoring at a great price.

Unlike most companies that tack on extra services just so they can charge you more, Identity Force gives you real protection without all the unnecessary fees.

This is why, year after year, they are ranked as one of the top companies in the industry by identity theft experts.

They’re a bargain compared to other companies in the field.

For anyone serious about protecting their identity without paying outrageous monthly fees, Identity Force is a company that should be given real consideration.

Get Fast Alerts with IdentityForce

When it comes to protecting your identity, speed is one of the most important factors to consider. 

If something suspicious does happen with your identity, you want to be notified… FAST.

Identity Force gives you virtual real-time updates if something suspicious is going on. You’ll know and you’ll know in a timely manner. 

They monitor all the important areas of your finances, and they report back to you quickly.

Which Identity Force Package is Best?

Like all the other companies in the industry such as Reliashield, they offer 3 types of packages. 

With all of these companies, the first-tier package isn’t worth it because that package does not come with credit monitoring from all 3 bureaus.

And you absolutely need the credit monitoring.

So we are going to compare the tier 2 package from Identity Force and see how it compares to other companies.

The tier two package from Identity Force costs $23.95 a month.

With this package, you get all the monitoring the tier 1 package offers, plus they monitor your 3 credit reports.

The tier 1 package does NOT give you the credit report monitoring you need. And that’s true for every identity theft protection company. The first level package for all of these companies is basically worthless.

All identity protection experts recommend you get the credit report monitoring because it will reveal more suspicious activity than any other kind of monitoring.

So what makes Identity Force’s tier 2 package better than other companies?

The difference is that all other companies charge more for both packages. For example, one of the biggest companies is Lifelock. And they charge $29.99 for the same package with the same monitoring.

This makes Identity Force a great choice because of their pricing.

What You Get from Identity Force for $23.95/month

They give you fast alerts. But what will they be alerting you about? What do they monitor for you?

If you want to protect your identity in today’s day and age, then you need to monitor everything you possibly can.

Identity Force has the necessary technology to give you topnotch monitoring, at a considerably lower price.

The Best IdentityForce Alternative

There’s never been a better time to get ID protection services because there are so many choices out there for consumers. If Identity Force is not what you’re looking for, here’s some other options you have.

The top IdentityForce alternative is Identity Guard, since they offer top-shelf protection services along with a bunch of extra perks at very good prices.

They give consumers identity theft protection in all the vital areas in one’s financial life. And they do it with top-tier technology. You couldn’t ask for anything more in an ID protection firm.

Take a look at our Identity Guard review to learn more about them.

Extra Protection from Identity Force

Imagine grabbing your mail one day and finding a letter from a debt collector. You’re a little puzzled because you know you don’t owe anyone anything.

You’ve paid all your bills. 

And you didn’t receive any alerts on your credit reports telling you that someone has opened a fraudulent account in your name.

Surprised and confused, you eagerly open the letter to see what it’s all about.

Only to learn that it’s a debt you owe for a payday loan someone obtained in your name. Now you’re on the hook for the money that was borrowed, plus the interest and late payment penalties.

Payday loan monitoring is one of the extra services offered to you by Identity Force.

Not only can thieves take out this type of loan without you knowing, they can actually take out multiple loans.

Without payday loan monitoring, you won’t find out about this theft until months down the line… even if you’re monitoring your finances.

So it’s a great extra protection.

The Final Verdict on Identity Force Services

In today’s world of information data sharing, online shopping, and social media, the personal information of you and your loved ones is more open and available to hackers and thieves than ever before.

In fact, in 2017, 6.64 percent of consumers became the victims of identity theft, that’s roughly 33 percent of U.S adults or about 1–15 people, which is over twice the global average.

Luckily, with Identity Force’s wide range of monitoring, alert, control, and recovery tools, you can easily ensure that your personal information such as bank and credit cards, Social Security information, addresses, and more, stay private.

With their award-winning identity theft protection tools, they’re able to carefully monitor social media sites, online commerce sites, and even the dark web 24/7 to ensure your information isn’t being leaked or shared.

If they find anything that looks suspicious, they’ll send you an immediate alert along with a variety of follow-up options they can take on your behalf to ensure your information’s safety and security.