IdentityIQ Review

Get the facts about IdentityIQ with this honest and unfiltered review.

Do they give you enough protection to justify their price point? What are the main differences between their service and other providers?

This simple IdentityIQ review breaks down the pros and cons of choosing them to protect your identity. 

You’ll see the features that come with each plan they offer and how much they charge for those plans.

While they aren’t the most recognized name in the industry, they are a pretty good company with plenty to offer anyone that doesn’t want to go with one of the top 3 identity theft protection providers.

What do you get with IdentityIQ?

Types of Services Offered by IdentityIQ?

What do you receive with their identity monitoring services? Some of the features you’ll receive with your plan are as follows…

Plus, your family is also protected. And, if a thief does steal your identity, IdentityIQ works with the bureaus, social security administration, and authorities, to restore your good name.

How Much Will I Pay with IdentityIQ?

There are 3 plans, and a trial plan with IdentityIQ.

The trial plan is $6.99, where you get to see if you like the services. This plus plan features daily dark web monitoring, daily one bureau credit reporting, and internet monitoring.

A second option is Secure Plus which is $9.99.

This annual option offers three bureau reports and credit scores. You receive daily one bureau monitoring, dark and internet web monitoring, and up to $1 million in protection, if funds are stolen while you’re protected by IdentityIQ.

Third is the Secure Pro Plan, at $19.99 per month.

You’ll receive bi-annual reports and monitoring from all three credit bureaus. Enhanced three credit bureau monitoring, up to $1 million in stolen funds protection, and dark web and internet monitoring.

The Secure Max is the highest-tiered protection at $29.99 monthly.

With this plan you get the same benefits as the Secure Pro, but instead of bi-annual report, you receive monthly monitoring reports.

It also offers credit score tracker, credit score simulator, $25K family fraud protection, and fraud restoration with LPOA, which the Secure Plan doesn’t offer. This is the most comprehensive plan.

All of the plans also include…

  • Personal expense compensation
  • Coverage by lawyer/experts
  • Synthetic ID protection
  • SSN alerts
  • Opt-out of junk mail
  • US-based ID restoration
  • Lost wallet assistance

And, each additional tier offers a few additional benefits, based upon the plan customers choose.

The Bad: Should You Try IdentityIQ?

Ultimately, the above features and benefits are great selling points for the company.

However, it is a newer company in the game. So we recommend going with our top choice of Identity Guard.

For customers who want a longstanding, reputable player in identity theft monitoring, IdentityIQ has only been around since 2009.

For some individuals, especially older generations, this might be a sign of lack of knowledge or industry experience.

Bottom Line: How IdentityIQ Stacks Up

Attractive features, affordable services, and four plan options to choose from, puts those seeking identity protection in full control of the services they want to opt in for.

Credit reports, monitoring, 24/7 access, and US-based ID restoration, are among the leading features the company offers.

They offer a variety of online educational resources, and the only major blemish (which isn’t that big) is the fact that it’s a younger company than its competitors. IdentityIQ has great online reviews, and a solid online reputation.

The company is BBB accredited, but doesn’t have an A+ rating, they currently have a B rating.

IdentityIQ also offers features in the highest-tiered plan, that other major competitors don’t. Ultimately, it’s a company worth trying.

At the very least, customers can try out the basic plan to see monitoring reports, and see how the company responds to changes, to determine if its a viable competitor, in a highly competitive online credit monitoring service niche.

There are a number of ways identity thieves go after your personal information and utilize your good name for the wrong purposes.

Opening credit cards, using your social security number for fraudulent activities, or activating cards that credit card companies send you in the mail, are a few of the many ways they drag your good name and credit score down.

IdentityIQ can help!

How do Monitoring Services Work?

In its most basic form, identity theft is where someone illegally uses your personally identifiable information (PII) for the wrong purposes.

This might include your SSN, DOB, address, employment history and more.

What do identity thieves do with this information?

Utilize it for immoral purposes. They’ll open new credit cards, new accounts, or even file tax documents with your name. Some will apply for driver’s licenses and other forms of ID as well.

This is why it’s important that your credit score, and PII is monitored by a service like IdentityIQ.

How Thieves Might Gather Your Information

Identity thieves don’t just rely on the internet to gather your PII, they take extreme measures.

  1. Dumpster diving and mail theft
  2. Email and phone scams
  3. They’ll look through dumpsters for mail with peoples’ names and visible address
  4. Wait for mail carriers to arrive to buildings or homes and go through their mailboxes stealing mail from credit card companies or banks
  5. Changing your address (from previously stolen mail) and rerouting it
  6. Stealing credit cards and using that information to call banks for account access
  7. Phishing schemes online (those fake emails that look all too real)

Some utilize your wi fi if there’s no security or password in place or utilize websites you browse which aren’t encrypted to steal data.

Credit card skimming which is popular in gas stations, and major credit card breaches. And, this isn’t an all inclusive list.

ID thieves are getting smarter by the day, and your information is less secure without proper monitoring services in place.

How IdentityIQ Protects You

It’s simple. You sign up for services and your credit is monitored. If changes are viewed/noted, you’re informed.

You’re alerted to see if the suspicious activity was done by you or an ID thief.

If it was a thief, credit bureaus are informed, and IdentityIQ works to restore your PII and good name. It’s around the clock protection, for fraud, schemes, and threats posed by identity thieves and criminals.


Benefits & Features

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