ReliaShield Review

Learn all you need to know about ReliaShield from this easy-to-understand review.

Reliashield is an ID protection company that gives consumers a wide array of tools to fight back against the crooks.

Their services include identity theft monitoring as well as the full restoration of your identity if your personal info does get compromised.

The remarkable thing about their service is that they actually claim to have a 100% rate of restoring someone’s identity back to normal after they’ve been victimized.

That’s one of the main benefits to consider when deciding whether to choose their plan over another company.

ReliaShield provides an affordable solution to identity theft protection. Their plans cost significantly less than most of their competitors’ comparable plans.

They also distinguish themselves from their primary competitor by offering free coverage for children up to the age of ten and more detailed monitoring.

While they aren’t our top-ranked protection service, they do give customers a feature-rich solution.

ReliaShield’s focus on quality customer care earns them praise for their courteous and helpful service. Their team is all US-based, and they are a proudly employee-owned company.

What Plans Are Available with ReliaShield?

ReliaShield offers three different coverage levels to suit all purposes.

  1. ReliaShield’s most basic plan is named “ReliaShield Essential.” This plan only costs $7.99 per month for individuals and $15.99 per month for a family. It covers all types of identity theft. It includes the monitoring services, in addition to wallet protection and free credit report reminders. They will also alert users when there is a data breach that could impact them. Don’t forget the 1 million dollars coverage.
  1. The next plan up is named “ReliaShield Prime,” which adds some valuable monitoring features to the Essential package. They will also monitor non-credit loans, neighborhood predators, social media, and single bureau credit. This amount of coverage means you get the benefits of in-depth credit monitoring. For this plan, the cost is $14.99 per month for an individual and $29.99 per month for a family. The plan is similar to what LifeLock offers its customers.
  2. The top plan, “ReliaShield Elite,” provides the most comprehensive identity protection coverage. The Essential and Prime programs are complemented by a few key additional features: including credit bureau monitoring from all 3 bureaus, and alerts about any credit or bank accounts opened in the user’s name. You also get access to ReliaShield’s monthly credit score tracker. For all these services, the monthly cost for individuals is $23.99 and for a family is $47.99.

How Does Prevent Identity Theft? protects against all types of identity theft by monitoring users’ personal and financial information. Such services include monitoring court records, address, social security number, dark web, and general personal information.

If a change is detected or the user’s private data is being used without their permission, the system will alert the user.

This is at the heart of any service worth paying for and it’s why we rank IdentityForce slightly above Reliashield. 

They give consumers great protection and fast alerts.

Can I Still Fall Victim to Identity Theft with ReliaShield?

Identity theft is impossible to prevent wholly given the high-volume exchanges of personal information.

However, ReliaShield provides comprehensive coverage to help you reduce the risks of becoming a victim.

The price is competitive, considering that ReliaShield provides full customer service across the board.

Their monitoring services do their best to prevent fraud before it is harmful, while their support specialists are not limited by time in resolving the user’s matter.

There is also the insurance cover if you do become a victim.

Identity theft is increasing in frequency and amount lost by victims. Everyone is a potential victim.

However, the most important way for consumers to protect themselves is to buy coverage preemptively that includes monitoring services, as well as expert support if the event of identify theft.

If Identity Theft Occurs, What Will Do?

The victim of identity theft will be assigned a certified specialist who will be responsible for their case.

This specialist will work with the user until their identity has been fully restored, and he or she has been cleared of any fraudulent financial transactions.

They will also ensure that their credit limit is unaffected by the fraudulent event. provides 24-hour access to customer service to enable the user to resolve matters quickly.

If the user’s money was stolen that could not be recovered, then they are covered up to 1 million dollars.

This protection is applicable for events related to fraud, embezzlement, theft, forgery, and stolen funds from financial accounts. There is no exception for 401k and investment accounts.

Final Conclusion?

ReliaShield is a decent company within the industry.

They provide fairly good identity theft monitoring, reasonably quick threat alerts, and coverage of up to 1 million dollars.

The three-tiered plan structure caters to all purposes for individuals and families. You can try any plan free of risk as you can cancel at any time. provides comprehensive coverage with plans to suit both individual’s and family’s needs.

ReliaShield is a company passionate about its users’ security. They focus on providing quality service at every level and have been recommended by Forbes, SmartMoney and Money Magazines. 

Identity Theft can have detrimental effects on victims’ finances that can last months or years. Restoring identity can be a timely process that takes hours of reorganizing and working with banks and authorities to clean up after the theft.

The thief may use the stolen information again in the future, so the victim must remain constantly vigilant. This process can cause stress.

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